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You must meet the following selection criteria to submit sketches

  1. The sketch must be an original work on paper

  2. The sketch must be available for purchase

  3. The photo of the sketch must be of good quality


    - The Sketch image should not have shadows or ''Flash'' reflection.
    - The Sketch image should not be too light or too  dark. 
    - The Sketch image should not be blurred. 
    - The Sketch image should only included the sketch image (no frame)
    - The sketch image should add value to the sketch. If the paper is ''white'', it must not be ''gray'' on the image.
    - The image file must be less than 5Mb and use .jpg, .gif or .ong extension (no PDF).  


  4. The seller accepts the  terms of use and privacy policy

  5. The sketch is not exclusive to another merchant and you own the sales rights.

Sketches will not be accepted for the following reasons (Approbation process can take up to 24 hours):

  1. It is not an original sketch made by hand.

  2. Digital sketches, reproductions and giclées are not accepted at this time.

  3. The sketch is not available for purchase.

  4. The seller violates the site's regulations and terms of use

  5. The photo of the sketch is of poor quality.



There are no subscription fees at The Sketching Shop.

We take a 30% commission only when you SELL!

(check out the
terms of use for more information)

Follow these four simple steps to publish your sketch on THE SKETCHING SHOP:

  1. Create an account and add your four(4) most representative sketches to the shop

  2. The sketches will be evaluated according to the criteria listed above (see: Selection Criteria & Eligibility).
    Approbation process can take up to 24 hours. 
  3. If one or more sketches do not meet the criteria, they will be removed from the website and an email will be sent with the reason for the rejection.
  4. Your sketches are accepted? This is the time to leverage your presence on our site. 
    - Add as many sketches as you want to your shop.
    - Complete your profile (bio, address, payments details, profile picture, etc..)
    - Share on social networks !

    You must accept the
    terms of use to have a seller account on The Sketching Shop.

    Exclusivity & Availability

The Sketching Shop does not demand exclusivity on the artist's direct or indirect production.

Artists have the responsibility to ensure that the sketches on their shop are available for sale at all times. If a sketch becomes unavailable, it must be removed from the shop immediately.

The sale of a sketch by a third party is permitted, as long as you have the permission of the artist to sell it.

   Privacy & Copyright

We pay special attention to the protection of privacy.

That's why we are committed to respecting the privacy of personal information we collect via our
privacy policy.


Artists are the sole owner of their sketches and agree that the agreement between The Sketching Shop and artist does not entail the transfer of sketch intellectual property rights to anyone. Artists retain all intellectual property rights on their sketches.

Giclées & reproductions 

Customers who buy a sketch are informed that they do not own the copyrights and reproduction.
They cannot reproduce or use it for commercial purposes, unless they have your written authorization.

   Costs & Payments


You will receive your money via the secure payment platform of Stripe.

The amount of the sale (less our 30% commission) will be deposited directly into your bank account via the Stripe platform within five to seven business days.

Why Stripe? Because it is safe, easy and fast.

Your banking details (and those of buyers) will never pass by us. Each transaction is encrypted and directly processed by Stripe. This way you get the best security possible.

Stripe charges a fee of 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction to process the transaction.


  Technical support

It's very easy to open a shop with The Sketching Shop.

Once accepted, you will have access to the instructions you need to manage your shop, track sales and check out visitor stats via your own DASHBOARD. Plus, we ensure fast service (within 24 hours) by email or phone.

For questions about the site, please contact us at




We make shipping incredibly easy!

We bill the buyer directly for the shipping charges.

When one of your sketches is sold, we email you the "Canada Post prepaid packing slip," so you just have to print it out and stick it on your package.

For questions about the site, please contact us at